Gacha Life

Dynamic fights, cute anime characters and interesting stories – that’s everything every gamer wishes for. And in Gacha Life developers combined them into one exciting product. Today you will discover whether they succeeded in this mission, or failed it by trying this game on this site.

Enjoy interesting activities

You have the opportunity to create different scenes and record your own film with the personages you have. For this purpose you need to carefully prepare every detail and create a background. Imagine you need to film the scene in the street cafe in Paris. Find the right background with beautiful views and cute cafes.

Search for the decorations – the table, chair, the luxurious car parked near you, adorable kitten near the door and delicious croissant on the plate. Think about what your characters will do and place them in the right spots. Wright perfect dialogues that will help your viewers understand the story. If you need a narrator, you have the opportunity to turn this function on too.

After everything is ready, turn the camera on and use every built-in function to make a good video, edit it and show it to your friends and other users. And after that you are able to participate in fascinating battles in the arena. Different regimes allow you to play all day and don’t get bored in fights with powerful players and bosses.

What about your characters?

Of course, in the beginning you need to create personages. Creators of Gacha Life made sure you have a huge variety of clothes and enough instruments to make the hero you want. Starting with the shape of their noses and color of their eyes, create the character you want.

The wardrobe is full of clothes that you can combine in stylish outfits for every event. Don’t choose between gorgeous dress and comfy pants – pick them all. And you don’t have to stop on one hero, create several personages and play them all. Try different makeup, pick the coolest hairstyles and decide what look will be good for a certain hero.

You can also choose the ones that were already made by this game developers and customize them as you wish. And don’t forget that you can change their appearance any time. Battle with them against strong bosses, pick them roles in your films and have fun in the process with other users on this site.

So now you know the mechanics of this product, so it’s time to test it yourself and immerse into this cool atmosphere. Enjoy!